3 Ways to Decorate a Child’s Bedroom Door for Christmas

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One of the best bonding activities I have with my daughter, is decorating her bedroom door. We always seem to have more tinsel then we need for the tree. Her room is a private space for her, and she loves to have the door customized for the upcoming holiday. She loves to show off her door to her friends. It is also nice for visiting relatives and guests to put them further in the Christmas spirit. Decorating a child’s bedroom door is an easy and fun activity for the Christmas season.


left over wrapping paper

double sided tape or glue stick


Push pins

pine/tinsel garland

Christmas Cards

Advent Calendar

Christmas bells

How to decorate a child’s bedroom door for the Holidays: Prepare the door to decorate

Measure and cut a piece of wrapping paper long enough to fit the front of the door, top to bottom.

Start taping from the top of the door frame, smoothing the page with your hand as you attach paper to the sides of the door. You may need to cut an overlapping piece if paper is not wide enough to fit the door. When you get to the door handle, cut the paper to fit using scissors. It doesn’t matter if the tape shows on the inside of the door, your focus is the front.

Attach pine or tinsel garland securely to the top of the door frame with double sided tape. Make sure the garland drapes a bit, but does not get in the way of closing the door. If you wish, you can use push pins to hang ornaments from the door frame to give it a textured look.

1. How to decorate a child’s bedroom door for Holidays: Candy Christmas

Using a glue stick or double sided tape, coat the back of an Advent Calendar with sticky stuff. Press and hold onto the wrapped door. The calendar looks nice in the center of the door, make sure it is low enough for a child to get their candy everyday!

Coat the backside of wrapped candy canes and gold coins with double sided tape and attach in a pattern around the calendar. You can have them tilting different directions to make it fun. Kids love this part!

Attach ribbons and bows to door in draping patterns to accent the candy wonderland.

2. How to decorate a child’s bedroom door for the Holidays: Card Display

If you receive a lot of Christmas cards during the holidays, this is an excellent way to display them. Your child will get so excited when a new card comes, they will run to the door to add it!

Have your child organize the cards by pattern, favorites, or colors. Using double sided tape, add Christmas cards to the door at a slant. Make sure they aren’t overlapping, you want curious guests to be able to read the insides.

Accent your Christmas cards with ribbons and bells. The more flamboyant the better. You want the door to catch the eye.

3. How to decorate a child’s bedroom door for the Holidays: Mementos

My daughter loves to draw holiday scenes. I felt bad that no one but me would see them. Hanging them up for all the family and guests to see, gives your child a sense of pride and belonging.

Depending on drawing size, pick out 2 or three that you and your child like the most. Using double sided tape or a glue stick, attach the drawing or painting to the Christmas wrapped door.

Use the ribbons to create picture frames around all the edges of the drawings, to make it look like an art gallery.

Adding the Christmas spirit to your child’s bedroom door is a fun activity for your child to do with their friends as well. It adds to the overall holiday look of your home.

Image source: http://www.digsdigs.com/32-adorable-christmas-bedroom-decor-ideas/. Best Christmas Bedroom Decor

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