Adding Elegance to Your Home with Oak Flooring

Beyond the “norm” of what is commonly selected as traditional hardwood flooring material, white oak hardwood flooring material provides a realistic look that cannot be duplicated by any other hardwood flooring material. Known for superior durability and hardness, the use of white oak dates back centuries, a material frequently used in ship building of majestic vessels that once sailed the seven seas. Due to the intricate grain texture, mission and art craft furniture was often crafted with this wood dating back to medieval times, currently displayed in historic museums remaining untouched or restored.

White oak is not a hardwood that is white in color, or resembles any color variations that would give the impression of a white appearance. White oak derives its name from the patina of the wood which develops a slightly darker color with less sensitivity to light as other species of hardwood material while retaining all original characteristics. In reality, it emulates a pale golden brown shade, using all available natural and artificial light, changing colors repeatedly, giving off an amber hue, and effectively enhancing the coloration of grain patterns which appear to change on a consistent basis.

Known for superior hardness and density, this type of flooring is currently rated at 1360 on the Janka scale, used to measure the density and hardness of all available woods used in hardwood flooring materials construction. Due to superior hardness, white oak is less prone to denting and scratching, making it an excellent hardwood flooring material that withstands excessive wear beyond normal everyday uses. Commonly used in commercial applications, white oak remains a durable, low maintenance hardwood material seen in many large department stores adding elegance to natural surroundings permeating quality.

This wood is commonly chosen for hardwood flooring applications due to its fine grain, beautiful lighter to darker brown and grey colors. With four grades available, grades often dictate the price per square footage which should be thoroughly reviewed when considering white oak as a flooring material. The four grades of white oak are as follows:

• Clear- Highest grade of white taken from the inner core of the oak tree. Free of imperfections with subtle character marks. Clear grade also referred to as “Classic”.
• Select Oak- Additional color variations with some bark remaining on backs. Referred to as “Natural Grade”.
• No 1 Common Oak- Noticeable color variations and character marks. Use in country homes or rustic cabin, log home construction due to open knots and natural dark streaks. Referred to as “Country” grade.
• No 2 Common Oak- For those who prefer to have their floors with additional character. Lesser grade, more economically priced often referred to as “Rustic Grade”.

Regardless of grade selected, this flooring adds value, charm and elegance to any interior room while maintaining quality with less annual maintenance required.

Other than the superior durability and hardness of white oak hardwood flooring material, other benefits of this superior material adds value and character to any environment in a manner that only white oak hardwood flooring material offers. These additional benefits include:

• Sandy brown color that adds elegance and warmth to any interior room
• Lowest priced hardwood flooring material of all hardwood floors
• Superior strength and durability with resistance to fading, denting and scratching
• Soft, lighter color with finer visible grains
• More comfortable to walk on with sound deadening qualities
• Water resistant
• Availability in solid or engineered composition to align with any given budget allocation.

Resilient with impeccable beauty, this material is available in un-finished, pre-finished and engineered forms with associated pricing per square foot that only compliments the natural beauty of any white oak hardwood flooring material.

Priced from the low to mid-range spectrum of all hardwood flooring materials, as is the case with any hardwood flooring material, this material is not inexpensive. From $4-$8 per square foot of a national average for pre-finished flooring of this type, materials only, un-finished white oak flooring installation and finishing costs may accelerate price per square charges well beyond the means of the average consumer.

This type of flooring is an alternative to less expensive costs per square foot starting at $3-$6 per square foot, with visual appearance that is stunning and difficult to distinguish between solid pre-finished or un-finished white oak hardwood flooring. Considered to be stronger than solid hardwood flooring materials of this type, engineered flooring of this wood type retains superior quality, deemed better suited for a majority of homes and business owners with pre-set budget limitations.

With mesmerized appearances, the brilliance of white oak wood flooring is stunning in every aspect from natural color, to the beauty of wood grains, abundant throughout with inspiring characteristics.

More Pictures of Oak Flooring

Oak Floor natural oak flooring
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