All About Scented Soy Candles

scented soy candlesIs it true that soy candle is better than ordinary candles? Not only are they colorful and provide powerful scents to brighten your living space, but they are very environmentally friendly as well. Scented soy candles are made by using soy wax which is a hydrogenated soybean oil. These candles burn clean, safe to the ozone, supports our farmers and can be fragranced to your desire. They can be molded to various shapes and colors and best of all, they generally have a 20-30% longer burn time than traditional paraffin candles. More consumers wishing to support a “greener,” cleaner environment.

Soy candles are typically scented with a natural essence rather than a synthetic fragrance. With “flavors” such as Crème Brûlée, Gingerbread, Jeweled Citrus and Banana Nut Bread, you can easily tease your appetite with soy candles. Another cool thing about soy candles, actually all candles, is that you you can readily mix the wax with Aromatherapy essential oils which some people claim can improve both your health and in some cases your beauty. The soy wax pools in the burner, and the heat releases the scent into your home, giving you hours upon hours of enjoyment. Scented soy candles and aromatherapy just seem to be the right fit.

One of the top reasons the public has come to love soy candles is due to how easy the wax is to clean up. Just get some warm water, dish soap and a rag to wipe up the mess. You know how difficult it is to remove paraffin wax from rugs, furniture, or even the jar the candle came in. Soy candles will cost a bit more than your traditional wax, but overall it is cheaper than beeswax and provides greater burn time than paraffin, making soy candles an excellent value overall. Through your support of natural candle products, you can effect a healthy change while enjoying the benefits and the pleasures of burning soy candles.

soy candles

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