All About Viking Food Processor

viking food processorA Viking food processor is simply one of the best ones on the market. The 12 cup model is an excellent choice for most modern kitchens. Once you have one you will wonder how you ever lived without one.

There are so many things that you can do with a food processor that is virtually impossible to do without one. You will never realize how easy it is to make dough until you make it using a Viking food processor.

Cutting Blades

This model has some of the best cutting blades on the market. The blades are just sharp enough to meet all of your cutting, grating, shredding and mixing needs. There are three different blade wheels that can easily be changed out so that you can have all your preparation needs met. This is a truly durable machine, the cutting blades are made from 100% stainless steel, and they start out sharp and stay sharp.

The Bowls

The 12 cup bowl makes a great vessel to not only process the food in but you will also be able to store what needs to be stored in the bowl because it comes with its own lid. The Viking food processor comes with a smaller 3 cup bowl that is the perfect size for smaller recipes, or for grating cheese.

These glass bowls are durable and nestle together nicely when using the machine and when storing the machine.

Other Features

This is a heavy duty machine so the wheels mounted on the back of the machine are a great feature you can easily roll the machine from one section of the counter top to the other without having to lift or drag it. The electric cord stores nicely in the back which is also a nice feature that keeps the cord out of the way.

The Viking food processor is easy to clean up; with its one piece body a damp cloth does the job.

The motor is powerful at 625 watts it is certainly powerful enough for any job in the kitchen.

Overall the Viking food processor enjoys a very high satisfaction rating from consumers. It looks good, works great and is priced so that it is affordable. A food processor in this class could easily run you over five hundred dollars. The purchase price for this is way under five hundred dollars and can be had for around three hundred and fifty dollars.

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