Bathroom Wall Tile Ideas

Bathroom Wall TilesOnce upon a bathroom wall a unique, refreshing, miracle took place. With some adhesive, grout, ceramic tile and a little love, an undesirable wall turned into a masterpiece. In fact the entire room was a place where one could retreat and be surrounded in beauty.

The bathroom has become more of a sanctuary for most to either become refreshed for the day ahead or the final place where we relax before we hit the pillow. This room can have a calming effect or can produce an energizing atmosphere.

It defiantly can be a mood enhancer. Just by the tile design, textures, shapes and colors that you choose for the overall effect. It sets the tone for the entire space.

There are two varieties of tiles. They are porous and non porous tiles. It is best to use non porous tile for the bathroom. Bathroom wall tile serves a functional purpose as well as an aesthetic one. Wall tiles protect your walls from damage. You can place the tile almost everywhere in the room. Over bathroom vanities, shower, shower stalls and also on countertops.

The fun part of bathroom tiling is choosing the tile design. Here is a list of the most popular materials for bathroom wall tile:

1. Ceramic tile is the most popular choice it can be glazed and fired in any color or design imaginable. It is very easy to clean and is water resistant. Its one downfall is that it can chip or break easily.

2. Stone tile can be the most expensive and difficult to install. It is water resistant and durable. You can find this in marble, granite, travertine or any other stone option.

3. Glass tile has become the next in popularity after ceramic tile. Most glass tiles come from recycled materials making this tile eco friendly. It comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors so working with it can be a design treat.

4. Mosaic tiles are the most elaborate, stunning and innovative designs whether it be of glass, ceramic, metal or a combination of all three.

5. Subway Tile is vintage imitation but simple and utilitarian and the perfect look for a contemporary design.

Once you have decided on which tile you will use, the next step is to choose the color, pattern, size and texture. Some textures they come in are matt, glossy, bumpy or un-filled travertine. For bathroom walls a glossy finish is preferred.

Keep in mind that the bathroom need not be tiled from the top to the bottom. You may wish for a subtle change with trims or boarders. There are also bathroom wall murals that make an attractive focal point for the room. For a dramatic touch use accent tiles between plain ceramic tiles for a fashionable statement. You may decide to have tiles custom made from digital designs you create.

Always in style are earth tones and classic white. Either of these will give you an elegant appearance and reflects natural light. If your aim is for a Mediterranean or country d├ęcor, choose colors like peach and yellow that are lively and will give you that cozier feel. Blue, green and violet give you a tranquil or cool feel and reflect the shades of the ocean. Bold colors like red and black add intense drama and should be brought in through accent pieces. For a romantic look use a floral pattern in soft colors. For another approach place some tiles vertically and diagonally. You may also choose a grout color that contracts with the tile. If you wish to use the same color for the walls and floors use larger tiles for the floor and smaller tiles for the walls or visa versa. There are so many options it is literally endless.

In years back it was said that you should use smaller tiles for a small space. We now know that you can use large tiles since you use less grout it makes the walls look less busy and adds space.

You must use a backing on the tile that will hold up to water and moisture. You should use a green drywall or cement backerboard for all wall tile design projects. My suggestion is if you do not feel completely confident doing this job yourself, call on a professional. What you do not want to happen is the risk of water damage down the road.

So keep in mind that you spend a lot of time in this room and what you need to do is make it your own. Your imagination and creativity will flourish as soon as you get started. Before you know it you will have a sanctuary of your own.

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