Certified Electricians from Thrasher Electric in Roswell

Thrasher Electric in RoswellWhenever you have electrical problems in Roswell and need the solution right away, you will find it in Thrasher Electric. This company has licensed electrical professionals and top rated customer service to deliver its perfect service to customers. These professionals are also TE Certified. They have taken and passed the certification program and written exam from Thrasher Electric. During this certification program, these licensed electricians were going through drug test and background check by the professionals to ensure that these electricians will be able to show perfect customer service.

Their staffs of Roswell electrician are kind and dependable. You will get immediate respond when you call them. Your project will be scheduled instantly and you will be informed on the schedule within 2 hours. You can also get their service one the same day. They will call you thirty minutes before the appointment, so you don’t need to wait for their call al day long. You can enjoy the lifetime warranty for TE’s installation and labor.

The electrician Roswell will come over to your hour in boots and foam mats as a protection to your flooring and countertops. Then, they will check on your problem and estimate the cost that you need to pay for the repair. Once you have agreed on their plan, they will work it instantly. Come in a van full of parts needed for most repair plans, the electrician in Roswell is licensed and guaranteed to show Thrasher Electric’s best service for every customer.

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