Cheap Bathroom Decorating Tips for Christmas

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Since the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in any home, why not decorate it for Christmas? Did you know you can add a splash of Christmas to your bathroom cheaply?

Christmas Crochet Bath Mat Decorating for the Bathroom

I have seen Christmas bath mats being sold for prices from about $9 on up in price depending on what store I was at. As you will see from what I write in the next paragraph, crocheting your own can be a few dollars cheaper.

You could crochet a simple solid colored bath mat for your bathroom. For example, you could use a single or double crochet stitch to crochet a small square or rectangular bath mat for around $6. That is the cost of a large skein of Red Heart yarn at Walmart. Choose a Christmas color of yarn for the simple and cheap bath mat.

You will want to crochet a chain of 70 to start a small rectangular bath mat. If you want to be longer, you can add more stitches to the chain. To turn for a single crochet, you will need to end the chain with an even number for this. You will turn and start crocheting in the second chain from the end. For the double crochet, the chain will be turned from the third loop from the end and started in the fourth chain. You will crochet across the chain in the stitch you are using for the bath mat. At the other end, you will crochet two or three to make your turn and continue crocheting. You will want to do the last step until you have made the bath mat the size wanted.

To make a square bath mat, crochet the chains in increments of 30 plus the two or three depending on the crochet stitch you are going to use. Follow the instructions above to make the squares. You can make for of them to make a square bath mat. Once you have four of them crocheted. You can use the yarn to stitch them in a slip stitch manner.

Christmas Hand Towel Decorating for the Bathroom

I was going to suggest getting a cheap hand towel at Dollar General, Dollar Tree or Family Dollar and add an applique to it until I did a little checking on the websites for these stores. I found at Dollar General you can buy a Christmas kitchen hand towel for $1. The Christmas Kitchen Hand Towel at Dollar General has colorful Christmas stockings printed on it. You could get one of these to use for decorating your bathroom. Although this is the only one listed on their website, you may find other Christmas printed hand towels for the kitchen or bathroom in their stores. I didn’t see any types of towels on the other two stores websites, but that doesn’t mean they don’t carry them in-store.

Since Dollar Tree sells every thing for a dollar, you may be able to find a Christmas colored regular hand towel and sew a Christmas applique onto it. You could also use a crocheted ornament or Christmas figure onto the hand towel if you don’t like the ones from General Dollar. I haven’t been in to any of these three stores since they started putting up their Christmas items. They may have some Christmas appliqued hand towels on hand.

Here are a few Christmas applique and crochet patterns to add to your hand towels for your bathroom. That way if you choose to spend a little more for a hand towel and want to create your own Christmas hand towel for your bathroom.

Free Christmas Applique Patterns

Free Christmas Crocheted Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Shower Curtain Decorating for the Bathroom

You don’t have to go all out with buying a Christmas shower curtain for your bathroom. By choosing a solid colored plastic shower curtain liner, you can add an extra flair to your bathroom. I figured you may not want to spend $10 to $20 on a fabric Christmas shower curtain for your bathroom. If you look around you can find a plastic shower curtain liner for $6 and under.

You can hang some of the plastic Christmas ornaments you find at any retail store to hang from the shower curtain rings. You will need to make sure you have a way to hang them without them falling off the hook. You can use green, red, blue, or gold yarn or crochet thread to hang them with. You will hang them on the outside of the shower curtain from the rings. This will add a fun novelty to your shower area in your bathroom. You won’t need more than a dozen of these. You may find them at any dollar store for less than Walmart or Target.

Decorating the Toilet’s Tank for Christmas

You can use or make a small Christmas centerpiece for the tank of your toilet. This will help take away the blahness of your toilet. You could also use Christmas candles. You can sit them on top of the tank. I have seen candy cane, Christmas tree, snowmen, and Santa candles at several stores.

If you want to cover the top of the toilet’s tank, you could use a small table runner or Christmas cloth napkin to cover it. You then can sit the centerpiece or candle on top of that for a different look for your bathroom.

Decorating the Bathroom Sink or Vanity

I have mentioned dollar stores several times in this article already, but they usually have items that you can use to sit on your bathroom sink or vanity for Christmas. I have seen soap dispensers, soap dishes, toothbrush holders and glasses in different Christmas related items.

I had a thought come to me while writing this article for decorating your bathroom’s sink or vanity. You could use a plastic champagne glass with a small amount of the plastic bead garland glued to it. You can add some of the small decorative hand soaps to it for a special touch.


These are just a few ways to decorate your bathroom cheaply. You may think of a few other things you could use to decorate your bathroom cheaply.

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