Designing a Beach Cottage Bathroom in 6 Easy Steps

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A beach cottage bathroom should be designed to handle the high traffic of sandy feet but also reflect the low-key coastal style of the natural environment that surrounds it. From paint to towels, here are six easy steps to designing a beautiful beach cottage bathroom that is not only functional but stylish.

Designing a Beach Cottage Bathroom Step 1: The Walls

There are a couple options that you have when designing the walls for your beach cottage bathroom. If your budget is tight, updating the wall color is an easy and affordable way to give the bathroom a fresh new look. To choose the color, start by looking outside the home for inspiration: notice the color of the ocean at different times during the day, the color of the walkway leading to the beach, or shades of sea glass that have washed up on shore. Take a picture of your inspiration and bring it to your local paint store for them to match it.

If your budget is a little larger, you may want to consider beadboard paneling. You can choose to install the beadboard only half way up the wall for a more formal look, or cover the entire wall space for a more rustic feel to the room. As for the color, a simple whitewash compliments the beach cottage style perfectly.

Designing a Beach Cottage Bathroom Step 2: The Flooring

Sand: a natural element found on the beach… as well as inside most beach cottages! You will want to choose your flooring by function as well as style. Wood flooring will bring that rustic beach look into your décor, but make sure that it is installed with tight joints to minimize sand getting caught between planks.

Tile is another flooring option that makes sand clean-up much easier. Choose tiles in natural stone and neutral colors to keep with the beach cottage style. Choosing a dark grout color will overwhelm this casual space, so stick with lighter grout shades which will make the room appear larger.

Designing a Beach Cottage Bathroom Step 3: The Sink and Countertop

Beach cottage bathrooms are meant to be functional and the sink and countertop should reflect the casual design. Having an ornate faucet or a granite countertop is too formal for a bathroom of this style: keep the sink and countertop design simple.

A farmhouse sink adds character and fits in with the casual charm of the beach cottage bathroom style. A more affordable option is a basic white sink basin. For countertops: soapstone, formica or laminate, are all good matches for the beach cottage bathroom décor.

Designing a Beach Cottage Bathroom Step 4: The Tub

As you design your beach cottage bathroom, steer clear of ultra modern or elaborate tub designs. Antique-style claw foot tubs will work with the design if they are not too ornate. However, when picking out a tub for your beach cottage bathroom there is no reason to overspend your budget, a simple basic tub will work just fine.

If you have a shower/tub combination unit in the bathroom, you could infuse some beach elements into the shower walls. River stone, sea glass, or small tile mosaics create an environment that mirrors the natural beauty outside of your beach cottage.

Designing a Beach Cottage Bathroom Step 5: The Textiles

Textiles are always a good vehicle for providing color into a room. Red and navy combinations provide a clean nautical theme, while neutral shades such as sage greens or khakis lean more on coastal inspiration. Whatever color combination you choose for your beach cottage bathroom, make sure to stick with solid colors for your towels, curtains, and bath mats. Prints and patterns are too busy for small spaces.

Designing a Beach Cottage Bathroom Step 6: The Accessories

If you feel like you want to take your beach theme to the next level, accessories are the best way to add some extra character to the bathroom. Nautical and beach themes are popular choices for beach cottage bathroom accessories: lighthouses, sailboats, I’ve even seen a bathroom designed around a starfish.

The challenge is to find items that make the area fun and unique but still bring that casual elegance into the room. Instead of choosing the lighthouse toothbrush carousel or the sailboat toilet paper dispenser, use basic designs for the main accessories and then opt for framed watercolors of a lighthouse, or mount miniature model sailboats on a shelf. Even a bowl filled with sea glass or sea shells makes a beautiful accessory for a beach cottage bathroom.

A beach cottage bathroom should be designed to withstand sandy foot traffic, but the décor should reflect the casually elegant style carried throughout the cottage.

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