Everyday Appeal of the Breakfast Bar Stools

Breakfast Bar StoolsIt’s difficult to find time for a full, sit down breakfast these days. A breakfast bar and breakfast bar stools can help. With the many designs available, finding the perfect stools to meet your needs is not difficult. There are stools with and without arm or back supports. The swivel bar stool is a particularly good fit for this use. Another advantage is for the smaller home or kitchen. They’re great space savers when compared to a table and chairs.

Since a breakfast bar is usually shorter than a table, you’ll find that the stools are also shorter.

Since this is just an overview, you should check manufacturer and store websites for more detailed information about anything covered in this article.

Breakfast bars are generally around 30″ high, and it is therefore a good idea to find 20″ stools to go with them. You must leave a little leg room.

The most popular material is wood, of which there are a number of kinds to choose from.

A popular wood for this type of stool is oak. Oak wood is an open grain wood with a very nice natural pattern. It is a heavy, strong wood. Maple is also popular. A tight grained wood, it is often stained to look like cherry or walnut. cherry is another frequent choice. Its red hues darken with age.

For a more tropical look, there are bamboo bar stools. Two colors of bamboo are used to make them. There is the traditional white bamboo that everyone is familiar with, but there is also black bamboo. You may not be familiar with black bamboo. Not dyed, it is a variety of bamboo that is actually black. An interesting fact about the white bamboo is the use of Muso bamboo. This a giant of the bamboo world. It stands magnificently tall at around 70 to 80 feet, with a girth to match, sometimes as big as 7 inches in diameter. Bamboo is a strong and flexible material and can be used to make bamboo bar stools with arms or back supports or without.

Metal breakfast bar stools are also something you may want to investigate. Three metals are used to make bar stools. First there is light, and easy to move aluminum, second there is heavy, strong wrought iron, and thirdly there is steel. Steel is found in a polished finish, a brushed finish, and painted. Steel is also available in a powder coated finish which will last for years.

Generally speaking, the price of breakfast bar stools will be from about $50 for an individual stool to over $500 for a set of bar stools. To get a better idea of what your cost might be, you should check some manufacturer and store websites. That will give you a close approximation of what will fit your budget.

If you need a solution to having no time in the morning, or if you just need a place to eat or entertain that uses less space, stools for the breakfast bar are the perfect answer.

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