How to Create a Retro Black, White & Red Kitchen

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Kitchens can be open, friendly and inviting. They’re a focal point for the home and they should be loved just as well as your best decorated room. So when you come across the “it” design for you and your kitchen, it’s impossible not to drool. Retro kitchens are no exception to the rule. They were popular back in the day and the trend has become a timeless, modern classic. Here are a few design rules when it comes to creating that perfect retro styled kitchen.


Black and white tiles are the absolute most retro flooring choice you can make. They look fantastic and they stay gorgeous and timeless for years. Even if you decide to redo your kitchen, you can keep your black and white tiles because they’ll look great with everything from oak to cherry.

Finding the right black and white tile (or other retro flooring of your choice) for your kitchen may prove to be difficult. You can check out my article here for online shops that carry ideal black and white vinyl flooring as well as porcelain and granite tiles. Just keep in mind that vinyl is a staple of retro design.


When choosing the cabinets for your kitchen remodel, white cabinets are ideal. Many people feel that white cabinets tend to look dated or out of touch, or that they may get dirty easily, however this is just not the case. When it comes to a retro kitchen, white cabinets are the “it” accessory and with the right finish, they’re also very, very easy to keep clean.

If you can’t afford to replace your cabinets, you can easily paint over them with white paint. If you’re more willing, it’s also a good idea to sand down the original stain or paint before repainting. Remember to coat your cabinets with a good sealant to help make them easier to clean.

Don’t forget to pick out knobs or handles. They can be fashioned of stainless steel, chrome or plastic – or porcelain, if you’re inclined. You’ll find them in red, white, or black at your local hardware store.

Walls, Countertops, Backsplashes and More

Countertops can be a light shade of grey and they’ll be an excellent compliment to the white and black. Today, granite countertops are very popular and they wear very well. While granite wasn’t popular during the 1930s, 1940s, or 1950s; its versatility makes it an easy choice because it works well with the overall scheme. Of course, you can go with traditional countertops as well. If you’re unhappy with grey countertops, then black is also another alternative.

Walls can be painted to a shade of grey, white, jade or yellow. These are great retro-kitchen colors. If you’re looking for a little bit more pop, try painting a focal wall in red. Another great way to add flair to your retro kitchen is to create a red tiled backsplash. Whichever you decide, you’ll be sure to love the end result.

Sinks should either be a chrome fashion, stainless steel or porcelain. If porcelain, they can be red, white or black. When picking out faucets or other fixtures, be sure to look for chrome or stainless steel.

Keep in mind that all the metals in your kitchen should match. If you’ve chosen chrome door handles, you should choose chrome faucets.


Appliances in the retro era were generally white and simplistic. With today’s kitchens, it’s okay to be a bit more modern. When it came to retro era kitchens, they were the modern style for that time period. So your retro kitchen can reflect on that. If you prefer stainless steel appliances, then go for it. You can use brushed chrome furniture to help unify the look. You can also use black appliances. There really is no standard because the retro kitchen was all about being modern; and that’s exactly what you’re doing.


Vinyl and chrome are important for a retro kitchen. Red vinyl barstools with an adorable little chrome dinette set, or a cute little bistro set; are both absolutely ideal. If you’re not into red, vinyl comes in several colors – so pick out another bold and bright color of your liking and you’ll be all set!

Wall D├ęcor

It’s important to have that simple wall clock. While you may not use it to tell time, it’s totally retro and adds a great touch to your kitchen.

In addition to having that ‘traditional’ retro clock, you can also purchase various soda shoppe artwork. Not into soda shoppes? You can add black and white photographs of just about any subject – they’ll be personal because they reflect your interests but they’ll also add to the flair of your retro kitchen.

Enjoy your funky retro styled kitchen!

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