The Importance of A Home Buyer Warranty

home buyer warranty

You might want to consider getting a home buyer warranty if you are looking to purchase a house, or already own a home and do not have one. Also, this is typically saves lot of the homeowners’ money out of their pocket in the long run, because it pays for itself the first time you use it and fairly inexpensive.

A home buyer warranty is a type of warranty that covers malfunctions in appliances and such. This is a good way to cover large costs associated with owning a home.

The general layout is basically the same, although each provider has specific details on what their service provides, what is covered and how the process works. Outlined below are the ways that a home buyer warranty process will work.

1. Problem occurs
2. Call the home buyer warranty company with the number that they gave you.
3. The home buyer warranty company calls a company that provides services for them and arranges an agreement with them.
4. That provider the home warranty called will call the homeowner and set an appointment to come out and view the problem.
5. Repairs or replaces the appliance etc.
6. Homeowner pays a small service fee that is less than $100.00

As stated above, the types of coverage will depend on the actual company that is supplying the warranty. Pay special attention to upgrades and coverage. Some companies will make many different plans. The basic plan will cover needs, but the upgraded plan is usually the better one to go with. This will typically include more specifics about the more expensive appliances.

Typically, there are some basic items that are never usually covered under a home buyer warranty. These are outlined below:

1. Spas and Pools (separate coverage is usually required)
2. Garage Door openers
3. Washers and Dryers (some upgraded plans will)
4. Refrigerators (some upgraded plans will)
5. Sprinklers
6. Repairs on faucets
7. Fees for permits

There are other appliances that might not be covered under the warranty.
Things that are typically covered under the warranty:

1. AC or Air conditioning
2. Heating or Furnace
3. Doorbell
4. Water Heater
5. Dishwasher
6. Duct work in the attic areas
7. Plumbing for inside
8. Fans for the ceiling
9. Garbage disposal
10. Telephone with wiring problems
11. Electrical problems
12. Oven and range

It is always good to evaluate where you want to be as far as coverage. Some people own expensive appliances and need coverage for replacement cost if they were to break down. Other has less expensive costing appliances that might be cheaper to replace rather than put money into a warranty plan.

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