What to Look For in Wooden Garden Gates

Wooden Garden GatesThe fastest way to give your garden a face lift is by replacing the fencing and gates, particularly if you opt for a wooden garden gate. Installation is relatively easy and a wooden gate has many advantages over an iron gate, especially aesthetically.

Wooden Garden Gate Design Criteria and Location Considerations for Wooden Gates

  • Use – A very important design criteria is the manner the gate will be used and how much it will have to withstand in terms of traffic and weather conditions. Security and privacy are also important factors and heavier framework and large posts can provide more strength and security. A self-closing device and high solid panelling will offer more privacy.

The way the gate is to be used will also impact the:

  • size
  • fastening method
  • hinged side
  • direction that it opens
  • panels
  • closing method
  • pass through clearance

Other important factors when buying a wooden garden gate to consider are:

  • Type of timber to use.
  • Design of the garden gate.
  • Type of finish you prefer.
  • Where you can buy wooden garden gates for sale.
  • Wooden garden gate prices.

Selecting the Right Wood for Your Gate

Choosing the right type of timber will ensure you are happy with your entry gate. The most popular wood (and composite) choices allow you to make tradeoffs in terms of visual appearance, cost, ease of maintenance, colour, quality, and the ability to resist the elements.

The type of timber depends on your physical location, but these are the most commonly used:

  • Cedar – A soft, golden tan that offers good weather and termite resistance.
  • Redwood – a distinctive pink/red coloured wood which ages to gray. The red heartwood is naturally termites and moisture resistant.
  • Red Balau – a dense grained, reddish-brown hardwood from Indonesia that age to a silver-gray like Teak. It is more durable than Redwood.
  • Ironwoods – a heavy, chocolate-brown and durable South American hardwood. It offers excellent weather and termite resistance.
  • Pressure Treated Wood – for hidden framing only use pressure treated lumber. This wood is treated with a variety of chemicals to make it termite and rot resistant.
  • Redwood – for visible framing, such as cross pieces, gate posts, and railings you can upgrade to redwood for a better look.

Prices for Custom Wooden Gates:

  • A basic gate is a simple wooden structure and starts at $400.
  • A custom entry gate runs from $800 – $5500.

Ultimately, your gate should complement the style of your garden landscaping, as well as the look and feel of your home.

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