Why Using Butcher Block?

butcher blockInstead of using a thin plastic block as the surface when we are cutting a meat, it will be better for us to use butcher block. Just like its name, butcher block is taken from the surface used by butchers to cut the meat. We can use butcher block in our kitchen if we love processing meat.

With the butcher block countertop, we will have a solid surface that will give us a perfect comfort when cutting the meat. Butcher block is having a perfect durability as well, so even though we are using big knives or use the block every day, we don’t have to worry about the butcher block condition because it is sturdy yet durable to face scratch due to the flexible wood character.

One best thing about butcher block is the antibacterial character. As we all know, wood is having special substance that able to kill bacteria, so we don’t have to worry about germ and bacteria that might grow on the wood surface. Since wood is natural material, then we don’t have to worry about toxin from synthetic materials as well.

Appalachian Red Oak and Hard Rock Maple are the recommended material for butcher block. Even though butcher block is made from oak, but we can still adjust it with our other kitchen appliances or utility sinks. To get wooden products like rock chairs, we can go to online shop.

More Pictures of Butcher Block

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